10 reasons to watch “A Cambodian Spring” at HotDocs this year.

“A Cambodian spring” is a documentary film by the award-winning filmmaker Chris Kelly. Kelly’s “A Cambodian Soring” portrays the conflict between the citizens of Cambodia and their government — leading to innocent people being driven off of their own land as the nation began to modernize itself.

Here are the ten important reasons why you should must watch this documentary this year at HotDocs Canadaian international documentary film festival. –
1- A Cambodian spring defines the true nature of a documentary filmmaker, without involvement in any particular side and free the viewer to make their own opinions.
2- A Cambodian spring redefines the process of shooting revolution, struggles and marches. The filmmaker didn’t force to provoke the emotions rather keeping them subtle and pure.
3- A Cambodian spring didn’t set someone as a protagonist and antagonist but, follows the process of highs and lows of people who are challenging the system.

4- A Cambodian spring portrays the power of camera, its outreach and how people use technology to spread their voices of struggle.

5- A Cambodian spring gives you are chance to re-constitute west’s definition of development and progress.
6- A Cambodian spring follows the involvement of mothers and their children in a struggle and shows us how it is important for all the genders to come together in struggle.
7- A Cambodian spring exposes the narrow mindedness of religious leaders and how they are used by the governments to implement certain laws.

8- A Cambodian spring is not just the story of Cambodia, but it represent every little struggle fought against land grabbing, illegal acquisitions and oppression of system.

9- A Cambodian spring talks about the layers of human psyche underneath the environment of revolt. Whether its the decision making of a community, fears of an activists or the insecurities of a mother.

10- A revolution is an ongoing process and this film continues the conversation of our systems, beliefs and the concerns for future generation.
That’s how this documentary becomes a must, must watch for everyone around to understand the struggle, revolts, fear and the engagement of people with the people as well as community with the government .
– Gursimran Datla

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