English Films of Non-English Filmmakers

Greek Filmmaker ‘Yorgos Lanthimos’ got the opportunity to direct ‘The Favourite’ film on the basis of his craft in his second feature film ‘Dogtooth’ which is a masterpiece in cinema of absurd. Dogtooth was an absurd Drama in greek language. 
Though Yorgos failed to put much craft in ‘The Favourite’, his second English language film loaded with cast like Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman. 
This year, Iranian filmmaker ‘Asghar Farhadi’ made a Spanish drama called ‘Everybody Knows’ with stars like Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. This turns out to be the weakest film of Farhadi. 

Craft is well expressed in a familiar language. Not just to express verbally but also to translate subconscious thoughts into reality. So Language is an important factor in cinema and, every filmmaker coming from non-English speaking background, failed or least was less successful when he/she turns to make films in English Language. 
There urge to cater large and global audience take them away from their distinctive grasp on their linguistic skills. English films by Non-English speaking filmmakers can attract audience but only on the name of their skillful art in their respective language. 
Back to ‘The Favourite’ – the film is shot by Irish Cinematographer Robbie Ryan, who shot 80+ films in 25 years of career, the camera in ‘The Favourite’ was way more aggressive than all three lead female actresses. From 10 mm lenses to 6 mm fish eye, from abrupt tracking shots to rebellious camera pans. Yorgos distort the reality to feel artsy but that experiment also distort the virtual rhythm of the film. There was more drama in film than absurd elements. 

Yorgos has it’s background in Theatre. It seems like the actors performing for Yorgos, and yorgos shooting them for camera. 
Though after interval, film becomes a bit interesting due to it’s drama quotient and better performances, film will only attract niche audience, especially those who likes to do post mortem of the film while watching it. 
– Gursimran Datla

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