Oh my love! 
Don’t share your folk tales with me 
Just listen to my weekend schedule 
And love me as there will be no tomorrow 
I will be gone 
To miss you 
on my underpaid job
To feel your senses 
During my 15 minute unpaid break 
I will text you 
To ask 
How you survive without me ? 
I will wait for you 
for your e-mail to make money transfer 
Oh my love 
I miss you 
As I miss my sleep 
My homeland 
My room 
My bed
The mosquitoes 
Nothing frustrates me now
Nothing moves me now
I am like a dough 
Or amoeba 
I was a science student 
An immigrant worker, 
waiting for my next week’s work schedule.

– Gursimran Datla

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